Class Schedule

Classes By Location:

 Its Your Journey,  Huron, OH

No Classes Offered Feb 16 & 20

Virtual Classes

No Classes Offered Feb 13,15, & 20

Amherst Health Plex

47160 Hollstein Drive, Amherst, OH 44001

Yin Yoga Mondays & Thursdays at 8am

No Classes Offered Feb 13,16 & 20

Studio at Doc Watson in Amherst, OH

Weekly classes on Tuesday Mornings

9:30am Gentle Flow Yoga

Kristin Kaple subbing Feb 13

No Class Offered Feb 20

Sound Immersion – 3rd Friday of the month– no class in February 2023

Mar 17th 6:30-8:00pm Sound Immersion with Essential Oils

Monthly Yin Yoga

Feb 5th 9:00-10:00 Yin Yoga – Hips

Mar 5th 9:00-10:00 Yin Yoga – Head to toe stretch

Studio 83, Avon Lake, OH

Private Tibetan Sound Healing

Live or Online Private Yoga Classes available
Hatha Gentle Flow & Meditation
Chair Yoga

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Are you planning a retreat? 

Serenity Sounds Yoga will customize a yoga practice or meditation with singing bowls to fit the theme of your retreat.

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