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Classes, Workshops & Singing Bowls

Chair Yoga

Date and Time to be Announced

Ease into a yoga practice with Katie Carp Thursday mornings @ 11am.  A head to toe stretch aligning breath with movement.  Modified yoga poses done from a chair; building flexibility and strength.  Featuring singing bowls in savasanna.  Bring a yoga mat (helps to keep the chair in place) and water bottle

Walk-ins $10

8 class pass $64

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Hatha Gentle Flow Yoga

Date and Time to be Announced

Reconnect body, mind and spirit.   Join Katie Carp of Serenity Sounds Yoga for a one hour gentle flow Hatha Vynasa class.  Learn breath work and pose alignment then relax into savasana with singing bowls.   For beginner to intermediate level.  Pose modifications offered.  Bring a yoga mat and water bottle.


Walk-ins $10

8 class pass $64

Email Katie for more information

Singing Bowl Meditation

June 5,   Aug 14


Let the world melt away as you immerse yourself in the vibrations of quartz crystal & Tibetan singing bowls.  A sound experience that can sooth inner turmoil; helping us to restore balance and serenity in our thoughts and attitudes.  Bring a yoga mat to recline on the floor or sit in one of the chairs provided and allow yourself to relax as  you are enveloped by harmonizing tones.  By donation

Restorative Yoga & Singing Bowls

  July 19th

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Are you stuck in “Fight, Flight, Freeze” mode?  That feeling of constantly being on edge may overly activate the sympathetic nervous system. Restorative yoga can help you drop out of the fight, flight, freeze response and into the rest and digest side of the nervous system called the parasympathetic nervous system.  Each restorative pose is set up with the idea of creating the most relaxation possible for the physical body, being fully supported with bolsters and blocks. No stress or strain on the muscles.  This allows you to bring your attention to the breath without distraction.

There are many benefits to restorative yoga including:

  • Stress reduction
  • Helping to relieve pain caused by tension in the muscles,
  • Assisting in losing weight by reducing Cortisone levels

In this hour and a half workshop led by Katie Carp you can expect to start with breathwork followed by four completely supported yoga poses with gentle stretching in-between.  Accompanied by the harmonizing sounds of tuned crystal singing bowls to help create serenity and balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Cost $25.00

Limited space please email to reserve your spot.

Tibetan Sound Healing

Individual sessions by appointment

email to schedule

Tibetan style sound healing goes deep into the body. The vibrations intertwine with the Chakras on a subtle level balancing and harmonizing. Katie Carp has a level 1 certification from the Maayaa International Healing School. She uses traditionally made  hand hammered Tibetan bowls bathing you in the vibrations. A sound healing can be beneficial but it is not a substitute for a Doctor’s care.  

$30 for ½  hour

$55 for an hour

$150 for three one hour sessions