Katherine (Katie) Carp 

RYT 500 certified yoga teacher and owner of  Serenity Sounds Yoga LLC.

In 2011, I started practicing Hatha Vinyasa yoga,  after I was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  I walked into my very first yoga class and learned that for one hour and fifteen minutes I could stop fighting.  My yoga mat became a place where it was ok to forget the struggles and to just be.   To me Yoga is a source of Strength, Confidence and Serenity.

My Mom & Dad gifted me my first singing bowl.  I was hooked from the start.  The sound hung in the air long after one stopped playing.  Today I have a collection of  both quartz and Tibetan style bowls that I love to use in an extended savasana.  The bowls are a great tool for meditation.  For me they have a calming and soothing effect.  Over the years I have added chimes, tunning forks and a gong to the mix of  vibrations. I have studied sound through Maayaa International Healing School, The Center of Light,  and Sound Healing Academy International.

I teach  a few styles of yoga classes focused on reconnecting the mind, body and spirit.  Check out my class schedule page for details.  When you leave one of my classes expect to feel a head to toe stretch and a realignment with self.


 Katie Carp