Introducing Tibetan Sound Healing

Bathe in the vibrations of handmade Tibetan metal bowls.  Today these bowls are made by families in villages in India.  It takes five men one day to make one bowl in the traditional way.  They meld seven metals together alternately heating and hammering the metal into shape.  Grandfather, Father and Sons, multiple generations working together creating a rhythmic hammering.  Infusing each bowl  with Sanskrit chanting corresponding to the Chakra.

Chakras are energy systems in the subtle body; a circling cone of energy sitting in spots along the spine.  There are seven major Chakras; Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.  A Chakra can be over stimulated, under stimulated or balanced.  Tibetan bowl vibrations go deep into the body intertwining with the Chakras on a subtle level balancing and harmonizing.

What to expect:  You will lie down on a yoga mat allowing the body to become grounded.  It’s good to wear comfortable clothing.  Begin by setting an intention.  The aura is then cleaned as a bowl is played above the body. Next Tibetan bowls are placed on the ground near the Chakra centers around the body.  The bowls vibrations surround you. After a while, a bowl will be placed on the belly deepening the vibrations.  Sealing the aura by playing a bowl above you completes the session.

A sound healing can be beneficial but it is not a substitute for a Doctor’s care. 

Katie Carp Level 1 Maayaa International Healing School Certification